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Enjoy Your Texas Travels With These Unique Plano Restaurant Picks

With names like Seasons 52, Capital Grille, Urban Crust, Whiskey Cake, Kenny’s Smokehouse, Jasper’s and Chuy’s topping the list, is your mouth watering for restaurants in Plano, Texas already? With over 700 restaurants, it is important not to just look at the establishments at the very top but the hidden gems. These are the unique restaurants that are still highly ranked but may not be right in the top 10. You will certainly understand the method to the madness in a minute once you get a closer look at these Plano, TX restaurants.

Let’s take a closer look at a top ranked establishment called Eatzi’s, located on West Parker Road. Salmon, salads and rotisserie chicken are just a few of the menu items you would find. Are you in the mood for some cake? The baked goods at Eatzi’s are mentioned in the reviews, and they are known for their sandwiches as well. There is also an actual deli as part of the restaurant where you can quickly pick up food to go.

Another unique establishment in Plano serves up Mexican cuisine. It is called Mexican Sugar, and does it already have you thinking about margaritas on vacation? They do have great cocktails according to reviews, and then it’s interesting to note that the restaurant is also known as a brunch spot. They serve up great queso, tacos, cake, arepas and some salmon dish that sounds unique indeed. Plus, when it comes to the queso, it is evidently supposed to be extra special.

Next up for restaurants in Plano TX is a place called Sixty Vines. Sixty Vines is on Dallas Parkway, and it is also known as a great location to grab some brunch. They have great wine, and one of the wines evidently tastes like bananas, which is certainly unique, whether or not it’s your cup of tea. In this case, it would be your glass of wine. This restaurant is a spot for pizza, too, but what is unique is that there is a greenhouse and a fountain.

Have the restaurants in Plano been unique enough for you so far? This next restaurant name will make you think. Does a rusty taco sound delicious? Let’s look at this Rusty Taco a little closer because it is the 24th ranked restaurant in Plano. Brisket, shrimp, chorizo and much more await you at Rusty Taco, and they have breakfast tacos, too. That makes this former Texan remember his roots as a breakfast taco junkie.

If you are looking for that really cool place, a picture in a review of a sign posted at this next restaurant gives it a thumbs up. It says that children left unattended are given espresso and a free puppy! That is hilarious, so you know this is probably a fun place to take the family for a burger. The only thing is you don’t know the name of the restaurant yet, and it is Twisted Root Burger Company located on Lone Star Drive.

Artin’s Grill gets the nod next, as its food appears to be a work of art. How about ordering a Tuna Tower? They also serve up short ribs, steak, calamari, redfish and much more. Artin’s Grill is located on Legacy Circle, and to give you one more unique aspect of this restaurant; it serves up some delicious Asian Chicken Tacos according to the reviews.

That is quite a good selection of restaurants so far, and there are still more to go. Anamia’s is a southwestern Mexican restaurant that serves up great brisket tacos, bacon shrimp, beef enchiladas and more. If you think you have heard it all when it comes to Plano, Texas restaurants, then up next is The Latin Pig. It is located on Custer Road and serves up Cuban cuisine. Reviews certainly point as you might have guessed to a great Cuban sandwich.

If you’re not hungry after reading about those unique Plano restaurants, then you must have eaten recently. That was a diverse list, and many more establishments could be included. You have to make the cut somewhere, though, and at least we dug a little deeper for you so that you enjoy yourself on your Texas travels.