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Why Proper And Regular Sump Pump Maintenance Is Essential To Prevent Disaster Striking

Depending on the region you live in and its weather conditions, the installation of a quality sump pump can be a beneficial and cost-effective necessity. A good sump pump will prevent your house or basement from flooding, and can be a very cost-effective preventative measure to take.

Unfortunately, many people have the foresight to take the preventative action of installing a sump pump before disaster strikes, but then neglect the regular maintenance that is just as essential. The problem with a sump pump is that you won’t know its stopped working until it’s too late. That is why we strongly recommend performing regular checks on your sump pump throughout the year and ensure that you properly clean it when required.

A Very Simple Test To Confirm That Your Pump Is Working

We recommend performing this test once a month throughout the year. The test is very simple and you could even involve the children and use it as a teachable moment. Obviously, during bad weather periods, a quick check of your pump will let you know instantly if it is functioning properly. I like to think of the sump pump as similar to the kitchen sink. If the water continues to rise and doesn’t flow away, it is reasonable to assume you have a problem. As with all of these types of problem, the quicker it is tackled and rectified, the less costly the repair bill.

In the summer time, simply pour some water into your sump pit. Provided everything is working properly your sump pump should spring instantly into life, and you then are safe in the knowledge that everything is working properly. A five-minute investment once a month can pay huge dividends.

Time To Get Your Hands Dirty

It is almost just as easy to spend the few extra minutes required to unplug the pump, and take it outside of the building, along with the drain line of course. Once you have removed the drain line, spend some time with a hose, and ensure that all rubbish and debris has been removed. It is also worth cleaning out the entire unit with water.

Now that the pump is out of the pit, take this opportunity to thoroughly clean the pit. It may be an unpleasant job but it is a cost effective way to ensure disaster does not strike at a later date. Once you are satisfied that all the gunk and trash has been removed, reconnect your pump and perform the simple test above to ensure that everything is working properly again.

Is It Time For A Replacement?

By following these simple maintenance methods, you should be able to extend the life of your sump pump. But everything mechanical has a shelf life, and in the case of sump pumps this averages out at about seven years.

Your sump pump is not something you can ignore or put to the back of your mind. Trying to put off the maintenance or replacement of a pump can prove to be a very expensive mistake. Try to be consistent with your maintenance, regularly check the backup battery, and if you are unsure about the servicing requirements then our company can complete these tasks for you.

Remember a defective sump pump can cause serious flooding in your home, and could even affect the structural integrity of the property. That is why we highly recommend frequent and regular maintenance and preventative action. In the long run, your bank balance will thank you.