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COVID-19 Update: We Are Open and Ready to Serve You!

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Tips to Prevent Clogging Your Tub or Sink

overflowing blocked sewer pipe Avoid Stopped up Drains with these Helpful Tips

While we receive calls for service from residential, commercial, and small businesses alike, we also receive several calls for assistance with clogged drains. Our clients and plumbers can verify just how obnoxious these clogs can be; many people do not even realize the clog is there until they’ve used their sink or tub and found the water pooling. In order to help you better the care your bathroom receives, we here at Staggs Plumbing have compiled this quick list of preventative measures that can help keep your drains clog-free.

Bathing Your Pets

Many people like to bathe their dogs inside, especially washing smaller dogs in sinks, but moving outside in warmer months can help keep pet hair out of your drains. If outside isn’t an option, cover the drain with a wash cloth. We highly recommend washing bets in a large washtub in a laundry area or climate-controlled garage rather than a shower. A washtub can be easily rinsed and cleared of hair, unlike your drain.

Brush Your Hair Before Bathing

Many of the drains we clear are clogged with longer hairs that are shed during the washing process. If you remind your spouse, children, or roommates to brush their hair before hopping in the tub, a majority of that loose and shedding hair will wind up in their brushes instead of your drains. It can then be easily removed and discarded in a bin.

Home Remedy Hack

If clogging is a familiar issue for you, consider the following home remedy before moving on to more troublesome fixes. You will need ½ of baking soda, 1 cup of vinegar, and 2 cups of boiling water.

Start by removing any strainers from your drain, then shake the ½ cup of baking soda into the pipe. Slowly pour the cup of vinegar. A bubbling reaction will occur. Leave the drain for 30 minutes; you can use this time to boil your water. Once the 30 minutes have elapsed, take the boiling water and carefully pour it down your drain.

Baking soda is a fantastic cleaning agent that has been appearing in home remedies for decades, and vinegar contains acetic acid which is one of the best solvents for clearing pipe buildup. The hot water then helps wash the mixture down the pipes, taking the buildup along with it. (If your household has children, this can be a great science experiment! Let the kiddos lend a hand!)

Mesh Screens and Strainers

Placing a mesh screen or a strainer over your drains— particularly in bathtubs and showers, but also in kitchens— can prevent buildup in your pipes. The strainers catch anything from hair to food and can be found in your local hardware store. These strainers are the most effective option when it comes to protecting your drains and remaining clog free.

When All Else Fails…
It’s time to call in the professionals. If these tips haven’t done the trick, we’ll happily offer more solutions or come and take a look. Give our Plano TX office a call at (972) 379-4000 to schedule one of our plumbers to come out and see what’s going on.