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Foundation Leak Repair For Addison TX Homes

Slab leak detection and repair service

All homes are subject to water leaks from a broken hot or cold water pipe, no matter the age. It may be down to poor installation, aging of the house structure or movement of the pipes because of external forces.

There are several areas from which water can leak:

  • A faulty hot water heater.
  • Damage to the roof which allows rain water  into the house.
  • Wear and tear on pipe joins inside the walls.
  • Friction and pressure on pipes as they go through the concrete foundation of your home.
  • Substandard installation of water or sewer lines.

It is often difficult to locate where the leak is coming from since water flows to the lowest point and can travel a distance before it shows up on your floor as a wet patch.

Often a broken pipe is located inside a wall – behind the kitchen or bathroom sink for example. In these cases, it’s a relatively straightforward job to find and fix the leak. The joints may have been stressed or improperly  installed which caused the eventual line break.

If the leak came as a result of a failure of a hot water heater, then it can drip through your ceiling (if it’s installed in an attic) or through the sheetrock of an adjacent room. Fixing or replacing the hot water heater is a straightforward job, although the cleanup can be bothersome.

Finally, because of the high clay content soil here in north Texas, we come across leaks in the water or sewer lines that run through your home’s foundation, also known as a slab.

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Your Home’s Concrete Foundation (or “Slab”)

Homes are commonly built on a reinforced concrete foundation, also known as a slab, which is several inches thick. When the water and sewer lines are run from the street, the builders and plumbers place them under where the foundation will be poured, then turn 90 degrees upwards to align where the bathrooms, kitchen outside spigots and laundry room will be located.

Once these lines have been placed according to the builder’s blueprint, the foundation of the home is poured, encasing these pipes with  concrete.

Once the concrete has set, the builders start to build the framework of the house and eventually connect the pipes to the appropriate appliances – sinks, toilets etc.

Assuming there were no workmanship issues, then the home will be leak free, and life is good.

Facts about Addison TX

Addison is located at 32.9618° N, 96.8292° W

The zip codes are 75001, 75244 and 75254

Addison is an incorporated town in Dallas County, Texas, in the United States. Addison is located to the  north of Dallas. The town’s population is approximately 13,500 as of 2017.

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Useful city Links

If you are an aviation buff, check out the Cavanaugh Flight Museum which has a large collection of vintage fighter planes, many of which still fly & some available for rides.

The Mary Kay Museum (find it here) documents the life of the cosmetics company and its founder. Many people choose to launch a cosmetics based business by promoting their products, some even driving a  pink Cadillac.

Addison also has it’s own airport which many local business executives use for their trips.

If you’re looking for the town hall, it can be found here. Addison’s town Council is comprised of a Mayor and six members who are elected in a local election and serve for two-year terms every other year.

For a fun family day out, perhaps to enjoy some of the many festivals, Addison Circle Park is a great place to visit. More information here.

The  Chamber of Commerce is a central hub for local businesses looking to network and grow their business. Their website can be found at https://metrocrestchamber.com/ and are open Monday through Friday.

The history of Addison

The Town of Addison is located in an area once called Peters Colony. It was settled as early as 1846 when Preston Witt and his wife built a house on White Rock Creek. The area was not known as Addison until 1902.

Addison was named after Addison Robertson, who served as the community’s second postmaster from 1908-1916. In 1902, the first industry was introduced to Addison when a cotton gin was built on Addison Road, near the railroad, by the Pistole brothers. It became the Plano Cotton Oil Mill in 1904 and the Farmers Gin of Addison in 1919.

Located on Belt Line Road is the Addison School Building which was built in 1914. In 1954, the school was annexed and became a part of the Dallas Independent School District. The school, which was closed in 1964, now serves as the Addison Magic Time Machine Restaurant.

The City of Addison was incorporated on June 15, 1953, under an alder-manic form of government and was changed to the “Town of Addison” in 1982. Addison’s first Mayor was M.W. Morris and the aldermen were Guy Dennis, Robert W. Wood, J.E. Julian, Jr., Dr. H.T. Nesbit and Seldon Knowles.

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What Causes a Slab Leak?

how much rain fell in Addison TX

The clay in our soil absorbs moisture, much like a sponge. When we receive a lot of rain or perhaps a sprinkler line has broken and is continually losing water undetected, the clay will soak it up, which makes the soil expand.

When the soil expands, it will raise the foundation of the house by a fraction of an inch.

Back in 2015, Addison experienced much higher than average rainfall amounts

Addison has had some brutally long hot summers. During these long, dry and hot summer months, the soil will lose moisture through evaporation, which makes the soil shrink. 2011 and 2014 experienced exceptionally dry summers.

When the soil shrinks, the foundation of your home lowers by a fraction of an inch.

Over the years of continual slab expansion and contraction, the water pipes rub against the concrete or are put under a lot of pressure. Eventually, the pipe breaks, and water spills out of a pin-sized hole.

Why Does Water Come up Through the Foundation?

Concrete is not 100% waterproof. Even though the soil will absorb a lot of the water, it can still travel upward if that is the path of least resistance. Tiny cracks or holes also allow the water to travel upward in a wicking type of action.

How do I Know if I have a Slab Leak?

There are several ways to identify if you have a water leak, which may or may not be coming from underneath your house. It’s always best to call an expert plumber like Staggs Plumbing to identify and resolve the exact cause.

Staggs Plumbing has been Addison’s plumber of choice since 1990.

Here’s a few ways to tell if you have a water leak going on:

  • Your water bill is going up, even though you’re not running the sprinklers very often.
  • You hear a running water noise inside your house, even if appliances like toilets and washers aren’t running.
  • There are damp patches on the floor, even after ruling out the family pet or kids knocking over cups of water. This indication by itself is a strong indicator that you have a leak going on under the foundation.
  • The leak indicator on your water meter is still moving even after checking to make sure all faucets are turned off.
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Does my Insurance Cover Locating and Fixing my Slab Leak?

In most cases, yes, however always check with your insurance agent or carefully read your policy. However they will normally pay to locate and access the leak, but not for the actual repair itself. And that is after you fulfill your policy deductible. Please double check what your policy covers, especially at renewal to ensure you are covered in the eventuality of a slab water leak.

For example, suppose that the total job costs $10,000, including a charge of $400 to repair the broken water pipe, and your policy deductible is $2,000. You will end up paying $2,400, and the insurance company will pay $7,600. If the flooring (carpet, wood, tiles etc) was damaged as a result of the slab leak, then expect them to cover some of all of the cost to replace the flooring as well.

The majority of the cost of fixing a slab leak is taken up by locating and getting access to the broken water line.

Staggs Plumbing has a lot of experience working directly with insurance companies to make the repair as easy as possible for you.

How do you Fix a Water Leak under the Foundation (Slab)?

There are two ways in which this can be accomplished. One way is quicker, yet more intrusive, the other is slower and doesn’t disrupt your home as much.

Dig Through the Concrete Slab

With this method, we’ll jackhammer through the slab from inside your home. If it’s out in the open of a room, that makes it easier than if it’s below a wall, a cabinet, shower, bathtub etc.

This method can create a lot of noise as well as dust. We do keep the dust to a minimum, but it’s difficult to keep it 100% mess-free. At the same time, we have to move all of the furniture, carpet and flooring to access the point of digging, so it is quite disruptive to your home.

Dig Under the Foundation

With this method, our team manually tunnels under your home from a point on the perimeter until we get to the leak. This method can be slow, as we have to dig through clay and rocks. This can take a day or more just to get to the broken pipe.

Fixing a Leak in the Sewer Line

We follow the same process of detecting and fixing a leak in the hot or cold water lines, except that it takes a bit longer to locate the leak since the sewer lines are not under pressure. We have to block off the sewer lines at various places and pressurize them to see if it’s leaking.

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DIY Slab Leak Fixes

The process to locate and repair a slab leak is straightforward, but if you don’t have the right equipment or experience, you will cause further damage and multiple the actual costs by yourself. Do not try to fix a slab leak yourself! Instead call the experts at Staggs Plumbing. We have been serving the city of Addison TX for almost 30 years.

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