Foundation Leak Repairs in Forney Houses

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Foundation Leak Repairs in Forney Houses

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Water Leaks under Your Home’s Foundation

Homes in North Texas are either built on a concrete base – known as the foundation or slab, or a pier and beam style support system. If you have gaps between the floor of your home and the soil beneath, you probably have a pier and beam foundation.

For homes built on a concrete slab, since the soil here in north Texas has a very high clay content, we are very prone to having a water leak under the foundation.

The reason for concern is that the soil acts like a sponge – collecting water during periods of heavy rainfall and losing moisture due to evaporation during the long hos summer months.

This continual expansion and contraction of the soil has the effect of raising and lowering your entire house by fractions of an inch. Over time, this continued movement stresses the water and sewer lines that run under the house. If the water lines run very close to the lower side of the concrete, sharp edges could force a tiny hole into the water pipes.

You may have a few neighbors who have experienced this unfortunate event – it’s not if it will happen to you, it’s WHEN it will happen.

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Insurance Coverage for Water Leaks Under your Foundation

Homeowner insurance can be overwhelming if you do not understand your coverage areas. Make sure your homeowners insurance policy covers slab leak detection as well as flooring damage caused by water. Most insurance companies will cover finding the slab leak, however not all will cover the repairs of having this type of malfunction.

Homeowners insurance may cover the cost to replace or repair flooring damaged by water leaks as a result of a slab leak. It is of the upmost important that you know and understand your insurance coverage in disasters like this.

Using a licensed professional in these situations is absolutely necessary. Staggs Plumbing has over 20 years of experience fixing slab leaks and working with your insurance company. From the first phone call to the final day, Staggs can take care of your home and repair any damage properly, safely and effectively.

Do You Have a Slab Leak?

A crack in the floor might be an indication of movement in your home’s foundation. You may also notice unusually warm spots on your floor. More obvious signs include puddles of water, mold, mildew or unusually hot water.

If you notice a high water bill this month, you may want to call a plumber. Slab leaks waste water, which increases your Forney utilities bill. Staggs Plumbing professionals can help remedy this situation quickly.

What Causes Leaks Under the Floor?

2015 saw an all-time rainfall record for Forney, the soil under your home might have become super saturated and in danger of excessive expansion. Contraction or shrinking happens over time as the soil begins to dry out. You can help prevent any damages from this process by regularly soaking the soil with water during the hot summer months.

How to Detect Water Leaks

Leaks can occur in different areas of plumbing through the house. Leaks in the sewer lines are harder to detect since there is a lower pressure. This can still be detected with professional equipment.

Slab leak detection is done at Staggs Plumbing by using a hydrostatic pressure testing device. Testing even the slightest discrepancy in water pressure. This machine also allows the professionals to determine where exactly this leak is coming from.

A 2,000 sq. ft. home typically uses 300 linear feet of pipe under the foundation. 300 feet of piping can seem like a lot. So when any serious issues start to happen, a professional is the only person to call. They can ensure the job was repaired correctly and effectively.

Do you plan on selling your home at any point? If you are selling your home, a slab leak detected by the inspector will knock off thousands of dollars in value. To prevent this situation in your future, become educated and proactive on your home’s maintenance.

If your home is located in this region of Texas and you notice wet patches on your floor, please get in touch with us ASAP before the problem gets out of hand.

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About Forney Texas

Forney is located in Kaufman County, Texas.

General Information

  • Population (approx.): 18,000
  • Geo coordinates: 32.7482°N, 96.4719°W
  • Postcodes: 75126

Things to do in Forney

  • City Bank Stadium.  Home football stadium to the Forney High School Jackrabbits and the North Forney High School Falcons.  Located on teh Campus of North Forney High School on FM 741.
  • Markout, Texas.  An unincorporated community in Kaufman County, Texas.  Located near FM 740 and Markout Central.
  • Travis Ranch.  A Census Designated place in Kaufman County, Texas.  Located near Mule Deer Road and Shackelford Lane.
  • Lawson, Mesquite, Texas.  Also known as Slapfoot and Haught’s Store.  was a former unincorported community in Dallas County.  Located near Old Lawson Road and McKenzie Road.
  • Colquitt, Texas.  An unincorporated community in Kaufman County, Texas.  Located near Samuels Road and Colquitt Road.

Primary Airports

  • Phil L Hudson Municipal Airport (Mesquite)
  • Dallas Love Field
  • Dallas Executive Airport
  • Market Centre Airport (Dallas)
  • Mesquite Metro Airport
  • Thompson Ranch Airport (Kaufman)
  • Eisenbeck Ranch Airport (Ferris)
  • Owens Country Sausage Heliport (Richardson)
  • Stemmons Place Heliport (Dallas)
  • Flying H Ranch Airport (Dallas)


  • U.S. Route 80
  • Highway 20

Nearby Water Features

  • Forney Lake
  • Lake Ray Hubbard

Nearby Schools

  • Claybon Elementary School
  • Johnson Elementary School
  • Rhea Elementary School
  • Henderson Elementary School
  • Criswell Elementary School
  • Crosby Elementary School
  • Blackburn Elementary School
  • Lewis Elementary School
  • Smith Elementary School
  • Warren Middle School
  • Brown Middle School
  • Forney High School
  • North Forney High School

Nearby Towns and Suburbs

  • Travis Ranch is 3 miles to the north.
  • Heath is 6 miles to the north.
  • Sunnyvale is 6 miles to the north-west.
  • Talty is 6 miles to the south-east.
  • Mesquite is 7 miles to the west.
  • Crandall is 8 miles to the south.
  • McLendon-Chisholm is 8 miles to the north-east.
  • Seagoville is 8 miles to the south-west.
  • Balch Springs is 8 miles to the west.
  • Combine is 11 miles to the south.
  • Terrell is 11 miles to the east.
  • Rowlett is 11 miles to the north-west.
  • Rockwall is 12 miles to the north.
  • Fate is 14 miles to the north.
  • Kaufman is 14 miles to the south-east.
  • Garland is 15 miles to the north-west.
  • Hutchins is 15 miles to the south-west.
  • Wilmer is 16 miles to the south-west.
  • Sachse is 17 miles to the north-west.

Nearby Parks

  • Gentle Zoo
  • Forney Community Park
  • Mulberry Park
  • Heartland Park
  • Achziger Park
  • Town Center Park
  • Xeric Garden
  • Grayhawk Community Park and Pool

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