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Leaky Water Pipes Under your Home’s Foundation

water leaks under foundation

Signs you may have a Slab Leak

A crack in the floor might be an indication of movement in your home’s foundation. This is a major repair in the works. You may also notice any warm spots or puddles of water if the leak has caused a crack in the foundation.

Frisco homes are built on soil that has a high clay content which is prone to expansion and contraction as the water content changes. Homeowners can help this issue with an inexpensive garden hose. Soaking the soil to prevent expansion and excessive pressure on your pipes.

Water can flow through the concrete foundation and find somewhere to pool. Whether that is on the floor, in the walls or even underneath. Slab leaks can cause mold and mildew which can be hazardous to your health. This is an issue that needs to be handled by licensed plumbers.

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Causes of Leaks

All homes in and around Frisco have been built on a high clay content soil. If you’re digging to plant trees, shrubs etc, you know how hard the soil can be – this is because of the clay.

Clay is a very porous material. When we receive a lot of rain, the soil tends to soak it up. Much like a sponge, it expands, which puts upwards pressure on the foundation above.

Likewise, when we have a long hot summer, the soil tends to dry out and then shrink. This shrinking lowers the home’s foundation.

This continual expansion and contraction forces the concrete slab to rub up against the hot and cold water lines, so over time, small holes can appear in the pipes. In addition, if the water pipes run too close to the slab, extreme pressure will push the concrete into the pipes and create a hole.

Living in Texas can be hot. Owning a home is full of responsibilities you may not realize. Taking care of your landscape and everything below is important. You can help minimize the soil expansion & contraction by using inexpensive soaker hoses during dry and hot weather.

In 2011 and 2014, Frisco had some of the lowest rainfall amounts on record. An above average number of pipe leaks under the foundation were reported to Staggs Plumbing due to significant drying of the soil. If you notice any of these signs, please call a professional plumber today to get an evaluation.

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Costs to Locate and Repair the Leak

Do you have homeowners insurance? Make sure your homeowners insurance policy covers slab leak detection as well as flooring damage caused by water. It is helpful to find the leak and even more helpful to be able to afford to repair such damage.

While insurance companies may seem like a struggle, Staggs Plumbing has over 20 years of experience fixing slab leaks and working with your insurance company. Staggs Plumbing is here to ensure that your leak is repaired properly and hopefully covered through insurance.

A slab leak can only be repaired once the source of the leak has been identified by a professional plumber. This identification of a slab leak can take place different ways. However, a professionally licensed plumber will already have the knowledge and tools to accomplish this.

If the water pressure being delivered by the city of Frisco is too high, it can lead to premature leaks. Staggs Plumbing will check and resolve this issue. Any excessive pressure on pipes could cause them to burst.

If you are selling your home, a slab leak detected by the inspector will knock off thousands of dollars in value. Many homeowner insurance policies will cover the cost to locate a slab leak once your deductible is met. Check with your insurance agent. They normally do not pay for the cost to repair the leak. This is an important detail to discuss when setting up your home owners insurance.

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About Frisco Texas

Frisco is located in Collin County, Texas.

General Information

  • Population (approx.): 154,000
  • Geo coordinates: 33.1507N, 96.8236W
  • Postcodes: 75034, 75036, 75035, 75033

Things to do in Frisco

  • Museum of the American Railroad.
  • National Soccer Hall of Fame. Located near World Cup Way and Main Street.
  • Toyota Stadium.  A Soccer specific stadium.  FC Dallas is the primary tenant as well as the Frisco Independent School District.  Located near Main Street and Coleman Boulevard.
  • National Videogame Museum.  Museum dedicated to the history of video games.  Located near Cotton Gin Road and Hendricks Street.
  • Cloyce Box Ranch.  Orignal Site of the Southfork Ranch.  Located on the north east corner of Preston Road and Main Street.
  • Stonebriar Community Church.  A non-denominational evangelical church located near Secluded Pond Drive and Placid Pond Drive.
  • Ford Center at The Star (near Dallas Parkway) is a 12,000-seat indoor stadium. Dallas Cowboy Practice Facility.
  • Dr Pepper Arena (near Gaylord Parkway and Avenue of the Stars) is a multi-purpose arena.
  • Dr Pepper Ballpark (near Rough Riders Trail and Diamond Drive) is the home ballpark of the Frisco RoughRiders.

Local Airports

  • Dallas Love Field
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
  • Dallas Love Field Airport .
  • Addison Airport
  • McKinney National Airport
  • Owens Country Sausage Heliport (Richardson)
  • Denton Enterprise Airport.
  • Market Centre Heliport (Dallas)
  • Aero Country Airport (McKinney)
  • Stemmons Place Heliport (Dallas)


  • Dallas North Tollway
  • Texas State Highway 289
  • Texas State Highway 121
  • U.S. Route 380
  • Farm to Market Road 423

Nearby Water Features

  • Clear Lake

Nearby Schools

  • Frisco High School
  • Wakeland High School
  • Legacy Christian Academy (Frisco, Texas)
  • Memorial High School (Frisco, Texas)
  • Lebanon Trail High School
  • Reedy High School

Nearby Towns and Suburbs

  • Hackberry is 5 miles to the west.
  • The Colony is 5 miles to the south-west.
  • Prosper is 6 miles to the north.
  • Little Elm is 6 miles to the west.
  • Savannah is 7 miles to the north-west.
  • Paloma Creek South is 7 miles to the north-west.
  • Paloma Creek is 8 miles to the north-west.
  • Allen is 9 miles to the east.
  • Providence is 9 miles to the north-west.
  • Oak Point is 10 miles to the west.
  • Fairview is 11 miles to the east.
  • Plano is 11 miles to the south-east.
  • Lake Dallas is 11 miles to the west.
  • Shady Shores is 12 miles to the west.
  • Celina is 12 miles to the north.
  • Lewisville is 12 miles to the south-west.
  • McKinney is 12 miles to the east.
  • Hickory Creek is 12 miles to the west.
  • Addison is 13 miles to the south.

Local Parks

  • Russell Creek Park
  • Warren Sports Complex
  • B. F. Phillips Community Park
  • Frisco Central Park
  • J.R. Newman Park
  • Falcons Field Park
  • J. C. Grant Neighborhood Park
  • Coyote Crossing Park
  • Cannaday Recreation Area
  • Vivian Stark McCallum Park

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