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We may not need them as often as folks in other parts of the country do, but we Texans still rely on our furnaces to provide us with warmth once the winter settles in. Nothing’s worse than cranking up the heat on a chilly Dallas evening only to discover your furnace is on the fritz. Even worse still — if your unit is beyond the point of repair, you’ll be forced to schedule furnace replacement services.

At Staggs Plumbing, your comfort is our top priority. Our HVAC experts have years of experience delivering exceptional furnace replacement services to families throughout Dallas and Plano. Featuring a wide range of top-rated brands and products, we have what you need to bring fully functioning heat back to your residence.

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace

Whether your unit is poorly maintained or you’ve adhered to a strict inspection schedule, eventually, your furnace will need to be replaced. There are lots of signs to watch for that will indicate the need for replacement services, including the following:

  • Your furnace is at least 10 years old.
  • Repair calls have increased in the past two years.
  • You’ve seen a sudden spike in your heating bills.
  • You hear strange noises or smell odd odors emanating from your furnace.

Another sign of needed furnace replacement is if your family is experiencing flu-like symptoms or you notice your pilot light has changed color. Furnaces’ pilot lights burn blue when in proper working condition.

If your pilot light is yellow or your family experiences headaches, nausea, disorientation, or other flu-like symptoms, leave the home immediately and call 972-379-4000 for furnace replacement!

These signs indicate that your furnace may be producing toxic carbon monoxide gas, placing you and your family at serious health risk. Staggs Plumbing is here to deliver the furnace replacement services you need to stay safe in your Dallas home.

Benefits of Furnace Replacement for Dallas & Plano Homes

Staggs Plumbing carries a wide range of top-rated furnace brands and products, and our knowledgeable HVAC technicians are happy to help you select the best unit for your home comfort needs. We’ll take careful measurements of your current system and your home to ensure the replacement unit you choose is capable of providing the comfort you desire. Our energy-efficient units are designed to provide enhanced comfort and lower your monthly energy expenses.

When your Plano home needs furnace replacement services, there’s no better team to turn to than Staggs Plumbing. Not only capable of bringing advanced heating solutions to your home, but our team is also committed to delivering unparalleled customer care. For us, that means using the industry’s most advanced tools and techniques, providing free service quotes, and deploying a team of friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable HVAC technicians.

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For fast, efficient furnace replacement in your Dallas or Plano home, there’s no better team for the job than Staggs Plumbing. Since 1990, we’ve delivered long-lasting, reliable HVAC services that customers can trust using the most advanced industry tools and techniques. With a wide selection of top-rated furnace brands and products, Staggs Plumbing is your one-stop-shop for all your furnace replacement needs.

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