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COVID-19 Update: We Are Open and Ready to Serve You!

Gas Pipe Leak Repair

Gas Line Leak Detection & Repair in Plano Area

Natural gas is a fuel source for ranges, water heaters, and other appliances in many Texan homes. Gas pipes are generally safe. However, it can produce severe safety hazards if any gas leaks from gas supply lines. If a gas leak isn’t discovered and fixed, the consequences can include fires, indoor oxygen deprivation, and the release of carbon monoxide byproducts. Therefore, to maintain the safety of your home, it is essential that you detect any gas pipe leaks and adequately repair them.

If you need help with gas line installations or repairs in Plano, Texas, call Staggs Plumbing at (972) 379-4000 for professional and friendly service. We specialize in gas leak repairs and much more.

How To Spot a Gas Leak

Whether your gas lines are above ground or underground, they can corrode and deteriorate over time. Scheduling yearly plumbing maintenance can help detect problems before they occur, but you should always remain vigilant to smells, sounds, and signs of a possible gas leak.

  • Dead Grass or Vegetation – Even though you can’t see underground gas lines, a rough patch of dead vegetation may be a sign that you have a leaking gas pipe underneath.
  • Mist or Fog – If there is an unusual cloud of white mist or fog surrounding your property, it could be an indication of a ruptured gas line, and you should contact your gas company immediately.
  • Hissing or Unusual Sounds – Hissing sounds near your gas line typically means you have a substantial leak. If you hear a hissing sound by your AC, it could be a leak in your valve, refrigerant line, or a bad compressor. Turn off the system and contact a professional to check it out, since strange sounds coming from your HVAC system are usually warnings.
  • Rotten-Egg Odor – Utility companies use a chemical called mercaptan that gives odorless and colorless gases a scent similar to sewage, sulfur, or rotten eggs. You might have a gas leak if you notice a rotten egg smell in your home.
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Physical Symptoms of Gas Leak Exposure

If you believe you have a gas leak, you should contact a professional to find and fix the problem for you. Fuel leaks can increase your energy cost and may even be deadly. While large holes in your gas pipe are easily identifiable by smell, smaller leaks can go unnoticed for a while and might make you sick in the process. Some side effects of slow-leaking gas include nausea, dizziness, headaches, vomiting, fatigue, memory loss, sinus pain, and respiratory problems. Some symptoms associated with a gas leak are similar to those of carbon monoxide. If you believe you have a gas or carbon monoxide leak, do not turn on any appliances that use flame. Instead, you should open your windows, evacuate your home, and call a professional to inspect your residence immediately.

Our Gas Leak Detection & Repair Services

Your gas lines need routine maintenance to assure optimum use. Time, improper installation, and other factors can cause pipes to break, rust, or crack. When it comes to gas leak repairs, including emergency gas pipe repair, you should rely on the trained professionals at Staggs Plumbing to keep your family safe.

Our friendly leak detection specialist will arrive on time and provide the reliable solutions you need. We practically handle every type of gas leak service so that you won’t be disturbed by complicated repairs and installations. Your home’s gas distribution system has a maze of fixtures, appliances, pipes, meters, and valves that are susceptible to damage. From repair to replacement, whatever gas leak problem you have, Staggs Plumbing has got your solution.

Call us today at (972) 379-4000 for quality work at an affordable price and get started on safeguarding your home from dangerous gas leaks.

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