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Leak Detection in Lucas, TX

Leak detection is critical for Dallas-area homeowners. The obvious reason is, when you have a residential leak, you’re wasting money. And the damage a leak can cause can be expensive. U.S. homes lose as much as 20,000 gallons of water every year due to leaks. But leaks can also cause problems that impact your family’s health and there’s nothing more valuable than your wellness.

Signs You Might Have a Leak

A monthly walkaround your home is simply a good idea. Most homeowners schedule a plumbing inspection every two years to keep everything running smoothly. Leak detection and drain maintenance is just smart.

Here are things to look (and listen) for to detect a leak:

  • Dripping: If you can hear dripping when the house is quiet, there’s a leak somewhere. To test it, turn on the faucet in one room and then go into an adjacent room to listen. You may hear a “drip-drip-drip” sound. Sometimes homeowners hear a hissing sound. That could indicate a hidden leak, perhaps underground.
  • Low water pressure: If your taps run slower than usual, that could indicate a drop in water pressure. It may not be due to a leak, but you need a professional plumber in Collin County to run a diagnostic.
  • Odor: Any time you notice a foul odor near the toilet, you need professional plumbing help. It’s an indicator of a leak and it’s dangerous to your health and home not to act immediately.
  • Showerheads: Check the connection behind the showerhead and if it’s wet or drippy, it needs to be tightened. If it still leaks, you need to contact or call your plumber to ask if you can DIY the fix. (If not, you’ll need a pro.)
  • Toilet running: When you have to “jiggle the handle” to stop the toilet running, that’s a temporary fix. But if there’s nothing you can do to stop the toilet running, call your local plumber. (Sooner, rather than later.)
  • Under-sink pipes: As soon as you see damp or warped wood in a bathroom or kitchen cabinet, check the pipes for leaks. The U-shaped bend in the pipe is the most vulnerable site for a plumbing leak. Because there’s little-to-no airflow in under-sink cabinets and vanities, it’s a prime area for mold. Catching a leak here can literally save you thousands of dollars in damages.
  • Water spots: Water spots may appear beneath a leaky ceiling and on the walls where there’s a hidden leak. When wet, the water spots are yellow or brownish. For example, if you see water spots on your ceiling – the one located directly underneath a bathroom – that’s the likely problem area.
  • Water meter: If you’re a City of Lucas customer, you have an outside water meter. Here’s how to check for water leaks using your water meter:
    • Make sure no water is running anywhere in the house.
    • Turn off all faucets and water-using appliances.
    • Locate the water meter and open the lid so you can view the dial.
    • If the dial is moving (spinning), you have a leak.

How Leak Detection Works

There are a couple of ways your professional plumber will locate plumbing leaks:

  • We can pump a non-toxic tracer gas into the pipes. When the gas reaches the leak location, it fizzes and our electronic listening device picks up the sound.
  • Another method is using a miniature camera mounted on long fiber optic cables. The camera images show us the inside of your pipes and any problem areas.
  • Leaking water from a pipe changes temperature when released. Heat scanners can find leaks by detecting temperature shifts.

Staggs Plumbing For Leak Detection in Lucas

The best tool for leak detection in Lucas is a trained, experienced, professional plumber. We’ve been trusted plumbing pros in Texas since 1990, and here’s proof:

  • Angie’s List (Angi) ★★★★★
  • Better Business Bureau – ★★★★★
  • Birdeye – ★★★★★
  • Facebook – ★★★★/☆
  • TopRated® Local – ★★★★★
  • Yelp – ★★★★/☆

You can schedule service online. The basic price and scope of work are right there! But we understand every project is different.

We use the latest technology and old-fashioned, small-town ethics. Call (972) 379-4000 or contact Staggs Plumbing with questions.

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