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Detecting and fixing a slab leak in Mesquite TX

Find and fix a leak under the slab

Causes of Water Leaks under the Foundation

The dirt underneath our homes contains a lot of clay, and is common across most of north Texas. When homes are built, the builders run the water supply lines underneath the foundation and up through the concrete foundation. During periods of heavy rain, the soil soaks up the extra moisture and expands. Conversely, the long hot summers will force the soil to shrink due to water evaporation.

As this process takes place, sometimes over a period of just a few years, or perhaps a few decades, the water pipes are stressed and eventually crack.

Water leaks from a pipe under the foundation will find a way up through microscopic holes in the concrete. Concrete is not waterproof. Water leaking through these pin holes and into the concrete is when the serious damage starts.

A slab leak is an issue that occurs when plumbing becomes faulty or too old to function.

Do You Have a Leak?

A sign indicating a potential sewer line leak is a raised section of the floor or foul odors near the floor. Whether the puddle starts under your floor boards or on top, a professional should be called in to help.

Any cracks in your floor could be an indication of this issue. A floor crack is the first sign of a major bad problem.

Any warm spots on your floor or puddles where they should not be are all warning signs. Slab leaks can cause mold and mildew which can be hazardous to your health. This happens as the water begins to damage more and more of your home.

If these problems persist more major ones are likely to come with. A crack in the floor might be an indication of movement in your home’s foundation. If you notice this, call a licensed professional plumber immediately.

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Preventing Water Leaks

Living in Texas can be hot. Owning a home is full of responsibilities you may not realize. Taking care of your landscape and everything below is important. You can help minimize the soil expansion & contraction by using inexpensive soaker hoses during dry and hot weather.

Locating the Broken Pipes

Leaks in the sewer lines are harder to detect since there is a lower pressure. Thankfully with today’s technology and a licensed plumber, these problems can be detected. Of course, understanding the early warning signs is your best hope.

Info about Mesquite

Facts about Mesquite TX

The city of Mesquite is located at 32°46′58″N, 96°36′36″W

Mesquite is a suburb located to the east of Dallas, Tx. Most of the city is located in Dallas County, the remainder in Kaufman County. It’s population is over 144,0000, putting it on the top 20 most populated cities in Texas.

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Useful city Links

If you like to take in a few rounds of golf, you may want to consider joining the Mesquite Golf Club. They cater to both the dedicated enthusiasts and those just picking up the game. With novice-friendly tee boxes, they are quite forgiving. It covers 154-acres with 18 holes, serving enthusiasts at both the novice and expert levels. It’s open 7 days a week and features a pro shop and driving range.

The high school can be found at 300 E Davis St, Mesquite, TX 75149 with a student population of around 3,000 and is accredited by the Texas Education Agency and by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

City Hall

The Chamber of Commerce is a central hub for local businesses looking to network and grow their business. Their website can be found at and are open M-F 8am-5pm.

The history of Mesquite

On May 22, 1873, the first plat of the townsite of Mesquite was recorded at the Dallas County Courthouse by A.R. Alcott, a Texas & Pacific Railroad Company engineer and planner of depot towns. The railroad company bought a square mile of land, built a depot, and offered business property and residential lots for sale.

Six weeks later, on July 1, the Texas & Pacific train steamed from Shreveport through Mesquite to Dallas, marking the beginning of a new era.

Major William Bradfield, a North Carolina native, was the first stationmaster and the first postmaster. He came to Mesquite in 1873 with the railroad and has been recognized by Texas historians as the first settler of Mesquite. However, it is known that David Florence, Braxton Jobson, Zachariah Motley and John Lawrence and their families had already settled in the area.

Mesquite did not incorporate until December 3, 1887. It was the second town outside of Dallas in Dallas County to do so. A number of the community’s civic leaders resided in the Long Creek area, now part of Sunnyvale. They included the Paschall, Reedy, Lawrence, Vineyard, Coats, Oates SchoolCaldwell, Bennett, Snyder, and Webb families.



Will Insurance Pay for the Repairs?

Many homeowner insurance policies will cover the cost to locate a slab leak once your deductible is met. Check with your insurance agent. They normally do not pay for the cost to repair the leak. This is really important for new homeowners to remember when creating their home insurance policy.

Other Points to Remember

  • If the water pressure being delivered by the city of Mesquite is too high, it can lead to premature leaks. Staggs Plumbing will check and resolve this issue. There are special machines that can gauge water pressure to help diagnose if the pressure is yours or the city’s.
  • Copper pipes installed in the soil under your home can be prone to corrosion from the moisture in the soil. Staggs Plumbing recommends using PVC based pipes. These types of pipes have the highest rating over time for plumbing within new homes. After 25 years, most home built with cast iron piping start to experience a downfall in functionality.
  • 2015 saw an all-time rainfall record for Mesquite, the soil under your home might have become super saturated and in danger of excessive expansion.

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