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Staggs Plumbing has been serving the Plano, TX area since 1990. As a winner of multiple consumer choice awards such as Angie’s List Super Service Award, and as an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, your neighbors agree that Staggs Plumbing provides exceptional service. We get the job done, and it’s done right the first time.

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Services We Provide in Plano

  • Kitchen faucet, garbage disposal and dishwasher installation and repair (rePlano Tx Water Heater Installationfer to this page for kitchen plumbing tips and repairs)
  • Water heater repair and replacement, including tankless water heaters
  • Sewer line repair
  • Septic tank repair
  • Clogged and stopped up drains
  • Slab leaks
  • Clogged toilets (refer to this link to find out how to unclog a toilet)
  • Toilet replacement
  • Shower repair and installation
  • Gas line repair and gas leak detection
  • Faucet repair and installation
  • Slow water flow in faucets
  • Repiping
  • Water filtration systems

With our expert team of plumbers, we can handle any plumbing repair you may have.  No job is too small!  To book an appointment for any plumbing need you may have in your Plano home or business, please call us at 972-379-4000.

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Learn more about the types of plumbing jobs Staggs Plumbing performs in Plano every day:

Slab Leaks

The soil in Plano Texas has a high content of clay, which means it absorbs water from the ground. When it has been raining, the soil tends to expand. In periods of dry spells or droughts, water leaves the soil, allowing the soil to shrink.

This process of expansion and shrinking over the years puts a burden on your home’s foundation. Otherwise known as a “slab”, your foundation gets pushed up by the force of the soil expansion, then lowers when the soil is dry and compacted. As this happens, the water supply lines and sewer lines can get bent or even squashed, creating tiny breaks in the water pipes. This water finds its way up through minute cracks in the slab into your house. This is known as a slab leak. For further information, visit this page.

Preventing Slab Leaks

As a resident of Plano, you’ve probably heard that it’s not if you’ll have a problem with your home’s foundation, it’s a matter if when it will happen.

There are a couple of things you can do to help slow down the expansion & contraction of the soil under your slab.

Water Your Foundation

Foundation experts will advise you to “water your foundation” which means making sure it doesn’t dry out too much. If you have sprinklers, are they adjusted so that the soil near the house will benefit from the water. You can also purchase soaker hoses rather cheaply that provide a nice constant drip of water for a few hours at a time. There are several home improvement stores in the Plano TX area such as Lowe’s or Home Depot that carry soaker hoses.

By keeping the soil around your home slightly moist, it will help avoid too much movement in your home’s foundation.

Keep Excess Water away from the Foundation

Plano has seen its fair share of wild weather. 2015 saw a record rainfall for the year. It is important to make sure you have adequate drainage to take the rainfall away from your house. If water pools around the side of the house, it will end up soaking into the soil and eventually cause soil expansion underneath your slab. Rain gutters are an excellent way to keep rainfall away from the house and spread over the yard. Check your favorite home improvement store for their selection of DIY gutters or call in a professional to install some nice seamless gutters all around your home.


Clogged Toilets in Plano

Another frequent call we get is for clogged toilets. Sometimes they can be quite simple to fix, with a toilet plunger or maybe a toilet auger. This video shows how this is done.

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