Locating and Repairing a Slab Leak in McKinney

Leaking Water Pipes under your McKinney Home?

It is important to know the warning signs of a possible leak within the pipes of your home’s foundation. If left unchecked, a slab leak will cause tens of thousands of dollars of repairs to your walls and roof, not to mention being a potential health hazard. Over time, this problem could cause serious hazards such as mildew and mold in places not easily seen to a homeowner.


A sign indicating a potential sewer line leak is a raised section of the floor or foul odors near the floor. If you feel warm spots while walking bare foot through your house, this could indicate a leak beneath the flooring. This should be addressed by a licensed plumber immediately.


While being a homeowner is exciting, ensuring you have proper coverage for your new home is important. Make sure your homeowners insurance policy covers slab leak detection as well as flooring damage caused by water. Staggs Plumbing has been working with homeowners and insurance companies for over 20 years to resolve and repair all problems.


Homeowners insurance may cover the cost to replace or repair flooring damaged by water leaks as a result of a slab leak. Most policies only cover the slab leak detection, not all cover the flooring replacement of such a disaster. Have a conversation with your insurance agent and schedule a plumbing inspection today.


There are many steps to take when disaster strikes. There will always be a cost associated with fixing these problems. The average cost of repairing a slab leak (after the leak has been exposed) is between $200 and $500. If homeowners are aware of the early warning signs, they might save themselves this expense.


2015 saw an all-time rainfall record for McKinney, the soil under your home might have become super saturated and in danger of excessive expansion. This could cause pressure on your pipes underground. Excessive pressure on pipes can cause them to burst depending on the material and age.


Iron sewer lines were popular in McKinney homes built prior to the 1970’s and are more prone to breaking due to weakness caused by corrosion. These types of pipes also rust from the inside out over time. If a plumber has been called to clear pipes and drains every half year or so, it may be time to have them inspected by a professional plumber. This inspection could save you hundreds, or thousands, of dollars in repairs if diagnosed early.


If a leak does occur, the water will flow through the concrete foundation of a house. A crack in the floor might be an indication of movement in your home’s foundation. This is a serious problem and should be addressed immediately.


Knowing early signs of any malfunctioning pipes underground outside is helpful too. In 2011 and 2014, McKinney had some of the lowest rainfall amounts on record. An above average number of pipe leaks under the foundation were reported to Staggs Plumbing due to significant drying of the soil. This causes the soil to dry out significantly around the pipes.


Even having too much water in the soil is harmful depending on your home’s construction. Copper pipes installed in the soil under your home can be prone to corrosion from the moisture in the soil. Staggs Plumbing recommends using PVC based pipes.

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